Perfect Guide to Discover About Holistic Healthcare Careers

Holistic health care imagines your brain, body and spirit as one cohesive entity rather than individual parts. Accordingly, illness in a single area of the individual leads to illness in other parts. Holistic health care practitioners assess patients to search for that underlying causes contributing to illness. Careers in holistic health care encourage natural or homeopathic methods to modern illnesses.

Herbal medicine is a component of holistic healthcare.

Holistic medicine builds its foundation on the basis of treating the entire person, including social, emotional, physical, environmental, nutritional, spiritual and lifestyle needs. Those in the holistic medicine field educate their patients about proper nutrition and exercise, and they use natural therapies to prevent and deal with illness and disease. While the emphasis is on alternative medicine, most holistic health practitioners includes the use of prescription medications and surgical procedures, if required. In treating the entire patient, not just the physical ailment, holistic health practitioners use natural methods coupled with modern medicine to supply effective treatment. There are a variety of holistic medicine careers.

Naturopathic Physician

A naturopathic doctor (ND) practices using the belief system that illness and disease is definitely an outward sign indicating imbalance within the system of the body. Instead of just treat and address just the symptoms with medication, the ND addresses underlying causes to be able to re-establish the total amount and stability of the body’s systems. This balance and stability is known as homeostasis. NDs focus on preventing illness through exercise, lifestyle changes and proper nutrition. Naturopathic physicians use natural remedies that are noninvasive, such as herbal medicine, counseling and acupuncture. NDs see patients for many conditions, including asthma, heart disease, arthritis and depression. Naturopathic doctors go ahead and take same classes as other physicians but in a four-year graduate-level school accredited to show naturopathic medicine. This coursework focuses on herbology, homeopathy, holistic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Upon graduation, the ND must pass state board examinations to be able to practice naturopathic medicine.

Proper nutrition has a direct impact on your health.

A nutrition counselor works together with nutritionists and dietetic technicians to provide accurate, appropriate and individualized diet and nutrition information that will help patients. In the holistic medicine field, the nutrition counselor may work closely with the naturopath to support the individual in preventing or treating chronic illnesses with proper diet and nutritional supplementation. The nutrition counselor accounts for helping the patient to change and improve eating habits by educating him and providing him with tools that’ll be useful and helpful to attain the nutritional goals which have been set. A nutrition counselor typically has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and/or counseling.

Acupuncture is a form of holistic treatment.

Eastern medicine acupuncture relies upon the fact that acupuncture needles put on the correct points release obstructions in the body’s energy channels. Because these obstructions are removed, balance, or homeostasis, is restored towards the body’s organs. Modern, or Western, acupuncture has been said to stimulate your body’s nervous system and release chemicals towards the brain, spinal chord and muscles. This discharge of chemicals helps our body to manage and balance its systems. Medical acupuncture is performed with a doctor who’s had specialized training in acupuncture. Acupuncture is used in holistic medicine to prevent illness, promote wellness and treat chronic health conditions such as gastritis, asthma, headaches and reproductive issues.

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Aroma Treatments are a special kind of holistic treatment utilizing scents. It uses several kinds of botanical oil having pleasant smell for physical and mental wellness of humans. Rose, lavender, peppermint, lemon oils are used inside this treatment. These oils are put on our skin or put in the bathing water.

This type of remedies are accustomed to relax body muscles and lower body aches. It’ll help in skin care conditioning also. Apart, this therapy allows you to solve mental issues associated with stress because of work pressure or other tensions in everyday life. It might get individuals to relaxed and stress free.

Aroma therapy is definitely an excellent carrier option for individuals that are seeking to work from home. Stress and mental anxiety has become an important segment of human life in the present situation. Hence has become immensely well-liked amongst typical individuals which service is at high demand.

Holistic health is definitely an alternative medicine approach to treatment and natural healing from the ‘whole being’ (body, spirit and mind), considering mental well-being is as essential as physical and they are closely interconnected. Holistic health care focuses on natural health, mind, emotional dimensions, mental aspects and spiritual awareness along with nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors.

Enhancing Neural Pathways for the Alternative Health Care Professional

When working with clients, creating neural pathways which reflect the desired new behavior is always a concern. An interesting way to accomplish this is by using and adapting the exciting research on mirror neurons.
Dawson Church, in his book The Genie In Your Genes, describes this as:
“Mirror neurons are neurons that fire in our brains when we witness an act done by another that requires the same group of neurons. When the neurons in the other person’s brain fire and that person performs the action, the neurons in our brains fire in sympathy. When another person puts on a hat, for instance, the neurons in our brains that govern that action fire when we witness their action, just as the other person’s neurons do when they perform it.” (pg 200-201)

In hypnotherapy, and in other meditative modalities, we can make use of this “learning by witnessing”. We challenge our clients to use their creative sub-conscious to create a most perfect person to stand in front of them as an idealized version for them to model. To enhance the experience, we anchor this newly created being by allowing the client to define age, sex and sometimes even assigning a human name to their creation.

Our next step would then be to direct the client to ask this “mirror” to show and share with their sub-conscious how this perfect neural pathway would work; ie, “Please demonstrate to me how a perfect immune system (or the control of food cravings, etc) would work.” This allows the client’s own personal innate wisdom to help heal and transform their inappropriate behavior.
While this information is being transferred, the therapist can strengthen and enhance these new pathways by using Shamanic Healing techniques.

“What? Where did this come from? What’s Shamanic Healing and how does it affect me and my clients?” you may wonder.

One aspect of Shamanism, for our discussion, is the art of corralling and balancing the natural energies of the heavens and earth using known and unknown energy sources to heal and make changes. All too often lately, we as humans have disassociated ourselves from non-physical sources and its healing capabilities. We rely only on our physicalized and mental abilities; allowing only a bit of inspiration to direct our work. But by approaching healing in this manner, we definitely under utilize our potential. For if we truly scrutinize our abilities, we as mere mortals, do not understand or have the ability to create life or matter. We take the approach of asking and directing the unconscious to make the necessary changes to achieve our goals, all by itself. In effect, we are putting all of the power to create changes in the hands of the unconscious.
As we can all attest, this approach can work. However, as alternative therapists – as we are often described – our clients look to us to know more about the workings of the universe than the established medical and scientific community acknowledges. Having an assumed fuller vision of the world and the human psyche, we are expected to utilize our complete arsenal of techniques to create new approaches to life.

It is our responsibility, to our clients and ourselves as healers, to learn, incorporate and direct the powers and beings of Mother Earth and the Universe. This approach is not new; it have been tested and utilized by all cultures, all societies throughout human history. It is only our modern, narrow perception of the world around us which has led us to ignore our co-creators and to assume the self-important assumption that we are all knowing and all seeing. Sadly we are not; but that lack of understanding should not preclude us from re-learning and expanding our techniques to encompass knowledge which is still here and available to us, albeit little used.

Shamanism is a step beyond general energy work, in that not only do we call upon pure-positive-energy, no matter what the style, but Shamans also direct and utilize the myriad intelligences of this perfect world to flow with and in conjunction to these energies. We call upon and utilize the power and intelligence of beings that have been looking out and aiding humans far longer than memory can remember. In doing so, through the therapist’s mind and will, expanded knowledge and healing power is utilized for the clients highest and best good.

Getting back to our therapy session, as our clients are creating their most perfect, idealized human; we as enlightened therapists can be re-connecting to the earth, pulling energies up and merging these energies with those of the universe and sharing this power with the client’s “created” human. In effect, we infuse their creation with the power and intelligence of the universe, so that their created thought-form will transfer the highest degree of knowledge to effect a healing.

In our work, let us not forget that our bodies, our forms, are totally comprised of the life substances of the earth. No matter our understanding of a client’s situation, there is a divine intelligence that understands better than we can ever know what is needed to effect a positive change and a healing.

So enhance neural pathways. Try using neural mirror imaging in combination with the unlimited powers of the divine. Your clients will thank you and tell their friends. The Universe will appreciate your attention and bestow blessings upon you. A true win/win for all.

Healthcare Data Mining, Structured Data and Natural Language Processing

Medicine and healthcare have been one of the most researched and studied branches of Science for centuries. There are records of use of medicines as early as 500 B.C. Research and development over millions of years has led to the establishment of the current structured healthcare system. Documentation of patient records is an integral component of healthcare and mandatory in many countries which rely on insurance-based healthcare systems.

Early forms of healthcare documentation involved physicians keeping hand-written records of patient visits and filing this information for future reference. Managing records of thousands of patients in paper became impossible, not to mention that paper-based records were vulnerable to loss in natural calamities.

This led to the birth of electronic healthcare data capture and documentation. Patient records were then managed in the form of electronic documents and systems like EMRs, EHRs, and other forms of electronic healthcare data management systems provided secure patient information and easily available to the physicians whenever required.

Hospitals and healthcare practices across the US spend thousands of dollars every year in documenting and managing patient care details to meet statutory requirements of the healthcare industry. Most of this data is recorded and stored in EMRs and EHRs and used generally for insurance purposes or for reference.

An innovative and visionary line of thought is the use of concrete data and evidence to support medical decisions. This is called EBM or evidence-based medicine. Evidence of this is available from as early as 1854 when John Snow (considered the father of epidemiology) used maps with bar graphs to discover the source of a cholera outbreak and trace it to the water supply system in London. He counted the number of deaths and plotted the victims’ addresses on a map and saw that all the deaths occurred around a common water body. This was one of the earliest applications of data mining.

The modern EMR of a hospital or healthcare facility is a rich treasure-house of information of thousands of patients with a wide facet of illnesses, containing thousands of medicines, history etc. Each and every bit of information stored in this system could be a part of a pattern of events which if studied could give valuable insights into the pattern of diseases and the techniques of treatment and if researched lead to predictions about disease outbreaks.

The question however is how do we tap into this vast pool of data and extract the information we need!!!

This could be available either by:

Manually searching through thousands of documents.
Creating an electronic tool to search for data and analyze patterns.

Manual searching of such huge volumes of data is not a practical solution. An electronic tool to do that would have to be an intelligent system which should know exactly what to search for, where to search it, and how to present it in the most useful way. Different physicians have different styles of dictation and formats of reports, the search tool will have to separate out the required information and present the most valuable information.

For example:

Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in the United States.

Identification of early signs of heart disease can save thousands of lives. Analyzing a database of thousands of patients with heart disease can give valuable information about the probable causes, nature of progression, etc., of heart disease and help in developing systems that could identify heart disease at the earliest signs of occurrence leading to timely treatment and preventive techniques can save many lives.

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a field of computer science and linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages. It began as a branch of artificial intelligence. In theory, natural language processing is a very attractive method of human–computer interaction. Natural language understanding is sometimes referred to as an AI-complete problem because it seems to require extensive knowledge about the outside world and the ability to manipulate it.